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Clinical grade cell processing

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Tumor markers detection: help in the earliest time to find the tumor, facilitate early treatment. To a certain extent can help to estimate the treatment effect, predict tumor recurrence and metastasis.

Genetic testing: through genetic testing can accurately tell you that the future of a life time there is the possibility of occurrence of a disease or probability, give you an early warning notice in order to take early effective disease prevention measures.
PET / CT detection: PET / CT can detect the metabolic activity of different lesions, so as to provide important information for differential diagnosis. Accurate, specific and accurate positioning of the characteristics of the body at a glance to understand the overall situation, to achieve early detection of lesions and the purpose of diagnosis of disease.

NK Return:
NK cells to remove the body of bacteria, viruses and other harmful bacteria; secretion of cytokines, improve the immune system; stimulate DC activation of CTL, improve anti-tumor ability; activation of B cell immune response, passive prevention of disease prevention, anti-aging effect.
1, natural killer cells, the body's natural immune first line of defense.
2, secretory granzyme, perforin kill bacteria, viruses, tumor cells.
3, secretion of cytokines to improve the immune system microenvironment.
4, improve the immune system, against the outside world of harmful bacteria.
5, activation of B cell immune response, the prevention of disease have a passive immune function.
6, enhance the growth of epidermal cells, improve skin metabolism.
7, to stimulate DC-induced generation of killer T cells, an indirect increase in anti-tumor ability.