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Adult immune cell storage

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Adult immune cell storage package:

Storage solutions Save content Storage time
Basic package 100 ml whole blood was collected
The immune cells were isolated and stored as seeds
The number of cells more than 10 million
Provides basic detection
10 years
Upgrade Protection Package 150 ml whole blood was collected
Isolation and extraction of immune cells as a seed storage, the number of cells reached 100 million
Provides basic detection
Presented: tumor marker detection
Free NK cell activation and reassortment within the storage period
(Remaining cells will continue to be preserved)
10 years
Private custom
(Vip exclusive)
150 ml whole blood was collected for the first time
Isolation and extraction of immune cells as a seed storage, the number of cells reached 100 million
Tailor-made continuous backup seed cell plan to provide basic testing
Presented: tumor marker detection
DNA Testing
PET / CT detection
Storage NK cells are activated once a year


China's regenerative medicine Suzhou cell bank technology directly from the University of Oxford, Oxford University, has developed an international invention patent holder of the frozen liquid formula. Compared with the traditional method, can significantly improve the viability and activity of cell resuscitation. The clinical level of cryopreservation is our professional, safe guarantee.
Company management in strict accordance with ISO9001 and in line with cGMP requirements, with reference to the US FDA and the European EMEA standards, experienced technical team carefully handling and custody of your cells.
The company uses the world's most advanced liquid nitrogen storage system and liquid nitrogen refrigeration equipment to your cells for long-term preservation. In this environment, your cells in a dormant state, a number of years after the recovery will still maintain the youthful vitality of the year.


Storage process:
Sign the contract - Fill out the customer information collection form - Wait for the scheduled medical examination, blood collection time - To the designated hospital, blood collection - Collection and check the relevant indicators - Preparation - Save - issue the relevant report - Issue annual report - follow-up use (make a diagram)

The Suzhou Cell Bank is located in Suzhou Industrial Park Bio Nanometer Park. The Park is built and managed by the Singapore government and has a beautiful environment. Cell bank in strict accordance with cGMP standards, with advanced equipment and equipment.
The Suzhou Cell Bank has three GMP Class B / ISO 5 and five GMP Level C / ISO 7 laboratories. The laboratory includes advanced automatic blood separator, biological safety cabinet, flow cytometer and other advanced equipment, the existing laboratories have passed 4Q certification and cFDA environmental certification.
The cell library uses liquid nitrogen storage system imported from the United States supporting cell information management system, the system has been certified by the US FDA and a certificate, no matter when and where real-time monitoring and protection of your cell security.


Cancer is currently the largest killer of all mankind
World Health Organization (WHO) published in 2014, "Global Cancer Report 2014" mentioned in 2012, the world's total of 14 million new cases of cancer, of which 8.2 million people died. China added 3.07 million cancer patients and about 2.2 million people were killed, accounting for 21.9% of the global total and 26.8% of new cases and deaths in China ranks first in the world.
The incidence of cancer is more or less related to genetic, such as actress Angelina Jolie resection of bilateral breast is because the family has a breast cancer "genetic" problem. Therefore, a family history of cancer friends, anti-cancer is the need to pay attention.

The immune system is the guardian of cancer
With the development of industry and the development of resources, increasingly harsh environment is the most important cause of the increasing proportion of cancer.
Haze, radiation, food safety and other harmful elements will erode our cells to cancer. For people with a family history of cancer, the risk is quite a lot.
Fortunately, not all cancerous cells can eventually grow into cancer, because our immune system can effectively and accurately detect and destroy cancerous cells. But when you are due to environmental factors or over-exertion to reduce immunity, the cancer is likely to swoop.
It is precisely because the immune system can accurately detect and destroy cancer cells, how to use the immune system to treat and prevent cancer has now become the hottest topic in precision treatment.

Immune cell therapy is a ray of light in the darkness
In 2012, Science magazine ranked cancer immunotherapy as one of the top six scientific areas for 2013.
In 2013, "Science" magazine is cancer immunotherapy as the 2013 top ten breakthroughs in scientific achievement first.
In 2015, cancer immunotherapy is closely related to the CRISPR technology has been "Science" magazine 2015 top ten breakthrough scientific achievements in the first.

December 6, 2014, Novartis announced CTL019 (formerly known as CART-19) treatment of children ALL clinical phase I data, through cancer immunotherapy, 39 had basically been sentenced to death in ALL patients with 36 symptoms completely Remission, complete remission rate of more than 92%, the effect can be called "back to life."

Why Save Immune Cells
Cryopreserved immune cells retain the diversity of your current cells, saving your current "memory" of the immune system. Save as early as one day on your future health a little more protection.
More research has found that young blood can improve brain and muscle function in the elderly, the results of this study was named the 2015 "Science" magazine one of the top ten breakthrough scientific achievements.
Storing your immune cells is not just about keeping your healthy seeds, but also keeping your youth and vitality.
When you are overworked or unwell cause immunity is low, the return of healthy immune cells can enhance your immunity and youthful vitality, prevent cancer from taking advantage of.


The immune system consists of T cells, B cells, dendritic cells, macrophages and other major types of cells. Including T cells, B cells and so contains hundreds of millions of different small groups, this diversity is the immune system "memory" embodiment.

After adolescence, the immune memory cells of different groups were not regenerated, and the regeneration of immune memory cells declined in middle age, and the diversity of ethnic groups decreased sharply. Since then, although the number of cells can be maintained at normal, but its ability to decline, for the formation of cancer has facilitated.
Our immune system has its own "memory", not only records all the pathogens encountered in our lives, but also records our fathers and even ancient ancestors have experienced everything.

But as the brain memory, the middle-aged people after the immune system, "memory" will decline year by year, to the last even recognize cancer cells, allowing the development of cancer. Which is why the incidence of cancer in the elderly is much higher than the young.