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The important members of Aokai Biotech’s R & D and technical support teams are from University of Oxford. Cui Zhanfeng, Fellow of Oxford University (Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, chartered engineer and scientist in the U.K., Changjiang Scholar Professor under the Chinese Ministry of Education, and Chinese Affairs Consultant of the State Council Overseas) is founder and leader of the technology team of our company. 

Mr. Cui Zhanfeng is tenured professor of Chemical Engineering at Donald Pollock of Oxford University, and director of the tissue engineering and bio-processing center at Oxford University. He is Chairman of the Committee of Experts of China Regeneration Medical Group, and leader of the main technical team of the group’s tissue engineering products industrialization and technology optimization. He is now director of the "China Regenerative Medicine and Oxford University R & D Center". Cui Zhanfeng’s R & D team occupies a leading position in the world in the area of bio-engineering technologies, involving cell/tissue freezing, human tissue and organ repair and regeneration, stem cell research and clinical conversion. 

On October 21, 2015, during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Britain, China Regenerative Medicine Group, CCB International (Holdings) Limited, a subsidiary of China Construction Bank, and Oxford University jointly announced the signing of "strategic agreement on establishing a platform for biomedical research results industrialization”. This agreement is one of the results of cooperation in the area of life sciences between and the UK during President Xi’s visit to the U.K. It will ensure the adequate fundings for the industrialization of scientific researches, and accelerate the progress of transforming scientific research results into products on the market. The agreement also built up a bridge between China and Britain for the scientific and technological exchanges, adding new impetus to the development of the human life and health cause.  

Before 2014, China Regenerative Medicine had joint built the first Chinese regenerative medicine industry R & D center with Oxford University. The research projects were targeted at the key blind spots in clinical applications, including but not limited to using stem cells to treat diabetes, cancers, neurodegenerative diseases and organ repair. CCBI plans to provide up to 60 billion yuan financing assistance for the Centre.